Our bar is filled with beer and spirits from all over the world including Guinness Draught from Dublin (in high season)  and if by chance I don’t have it, I’ll do my best to get your favourite tipple!We have customers from nearly every nation on the globe, so all are welcome! Entertainment wise, I have a very modern sound system which comprises of computer driven tracks and two CD drives, I have all the sounds to get the girls dancing to entertain you all. This system was installed by a professional DJ from the U.K. so you know it’s the best! As for the visual side of things, I have 6 flat screen TV’s all between 40 and 50 inch, all are full HD and I show all major sports including the Barclays Premier league, Formula 1, Moto GP and boxing, golf etc. My girls dance around the poles every night and are an absolute delight to watch, one of the Thai girls favourite phrases is ‘up to you’ well, come and visit and you decide!!!